Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Idadi Saba

This cartoon depicts the big insurance company AIG and how they took advantage of their customers. There are three pirates and a chest of treasure on a seemingly remote island in this image. The pirates are the employees, the treasure is the money that they stole and the island is the off shore account that the companies use to hide this money. Two pirates are looking though the treasure as the third run back on the island with captain orders. The orders are essentially to return the money that was taken because was “shameful” the other begin to ask what shame is. This artist is say that big companies are getting caught taking people money and now have to return it but they do not fell anything they don now even have basic knowledge of shame just like pirates. The artist is also saying that the ethical code of conduct for the large companies is piracy because they are so self-serving, indulgent and without shame.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Numero Sei

    In this cartoon you will find a donkey, an elephant and president Obama climbing a mountain called Healthcare Summit. Obviously the donkey represents the democrats and the elephant wearing the no hat represent in the republicans. The president sees a problem which is that 46 million have no health insurance, the elephant is not helping in fact he is weighing the president down. The donkey a democrat is trying to help the president by pushing the elephant along, but the elephant is not going anywhere willingly. In fact when the president asks what he sees he says the next election and calls him a socialist. The republicans do not approve of what president Obama at all. Some believe that he is a socialist because of policies like this one where the government is providing for the people through taxes.

    This artist Fitzsimmons appears to be a liberal artist. He is criticizing the republican for the old fashioned ways and not being willing to help the people. He is saying that the president sees a problem and is trying to solve is where as the republican are just preventing the process from flowing smoothly. The democrats always have to do anything that require them to see the big picture.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Numri Pesë

The carton is mocking the Democrats and their symbol the donkey.  There is one donkey who appears to be in charge and completely aware of the strategy and the other completely clueless as to what is going on about their strategy. The donkeys appear to be officers in some form of American military, the on one the left appears to have a higher rank than the other. The donkey in charge is pointing to the map talking about a strategy, but there is nothing on the map but what they want without a plant to get it.  This is shaming the democratic because it is saying that they enter into situations without a strategy.  The donkey on the left could represent the Democratic Party leady and the one on the right could represent one of his democratic underlings. The artist of this political cartoon could be a conservative but there are no real key elements that show any aspect of the artists just that they disapprove of the lack of planning going on in the Democratic Party.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Numri i katërt

This Cartoon is mocking the American political system and how it uses up money. The artist is using common symbols which are a clown and a fast food chain loved by most children. In the foreground there is a clown who is taking the place of Ronald McDonald now called Ronald McGovernment and The golden arches sign which normally says McDonald’s has become McCongress Billions and Trillions Robbed. The extremely overweight clown is eating a burger which has Obama’s stimulus written on it and the clown is saying that he is going to save the day by not underfunding federal agencies. This means that more money is going to a system and never getting used for anything productive, it also say that the government always find money for its own agencies and interest groups but when it comes to the people of the country the money never seems to be able to flow. “Ronald McGovernment Surprises Himself… Again” and the US belt that he is wearing could also mean that the government somehow manages to fit another large and expensive plan into the budget so we are loosening the belt instead of tightening it.  The money that was spent we will never get back but it does make a person wonder where the money comes from sometimes and if we do nothing but print money then are we really solving any of the financial problems in this country?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Nummer Drei

Most political cartoons ridicule an individual and their beliefs or the beliefs of a certain party in a single form of government. This takes the opportunity to mock two individual and their similar beliefs in completely different political systems a Democracy and a Dictatorship.
 There is a small bird in the corner that is saying “dictator of the Mid-East and Mid-west unite”. The bird is very small and appears t be scared and not enjoying what it is forced to do.  In the foreground you see Moammar Kadaffi writing a letter to Governor Scott walker about how much he loves the recent Union legislation and how it was passed. He praising the tactics that are usually viewed as war tactics (“Take no prisoners”) and in some cases going against the “Consent o the Governed”, this has no place in a true democracy . This makes Senator Walker appear to be a dictator so in a way this cartoon can also be viewed as mocking the power that this government gives to people and how they abuse it.
The satire in this cartoon applies more to Kadaffi than is does Walker because he is praising these completely unorthodox tactics for controlling a group of people. The adjectives that are describing these tactics are also in bold on the letter. It makes it appear as though he believe that that really is the way that he should be running his country.  This does not make walker look goo either because he used these tactics.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Numéro Deux

This political cartoon Eugene Payne who is most likely a liberal is mocking The NRA. My interpretation is that this cartoon is mocking The NRA. It does so by portraying the NRA as an immature adult who is exhibiting childish behavior sucking his thumb behind “The Security Blanket”. Eugene seems to be saying that the NRA hides behind the second amendment as a child would hide behind their blanket. There is an automatic machine gun which resembles an AK47 which is illegal when not being used for military purposes with a tag on it saying “Assault Hunting Riffle” with Assault crossed out.  Here the artist is saying that the NRA is trying to conceal the truth in order to get to get what they want.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Número Uno

This is a political cartoon that is most likely done by and artist with a liberal view. In the Cartoon Sarah Palin I holing a gun to two people who resemble her daughter and   . The daughter is pregnant and she is forcing them to get married by holding a gun to his head. There I a rabbit in the running away in the background because it said that it is hunting season and there are two deer on a hill realizing that “pro-gun and pro-life go together”. We can tell that Sarah Palin is the target of this cartoon because of the sarcastic manner in which everything is portrayed but, the main message of this is that she is a little too extreme. She is holding a gun to a man’s head because he got her daughter pregnant, and the animals are scared of her because she has a gun, this creates the pro-gun and pro-life correlation. There deer are most likely two politicians but their face and the name on the side are too blurry to decipher but from the looks of it they were probably moderates who had not quite made up their opinions about pro-gun and pro-life issues. The rabbit is also a politician who probably represents one of Sarah Palin opponents who to do want to be targeted so he is running away.